Tava Yachi Introduction, Tel Tekka Lore 001

Hello People of Earth. Tava Yachi here.

You want to know more about me? Well. I guess I can share a few details with you.

Satisfied? Maybe? Well, a person does need their secrets.

But my job as a Historian isn't. And I'm not the only one. There's actually quite a few like me. Scanning the multiverses, and pocket dimensions. It's enjoyable work if you're prepared for it.

Exploring the big open vastness of the endless expanse can be lonely. Even more so when you consider that it's more then one dimension I search.

More often then not, I find lifeless worlds that never showed any signs of civilization. So the search goes ever on.

Now, this world, which I came to learn later, that the locals called Tel Tekka. Upon first glance was a dead world in the middle of nowhere. It had indications of there once being life, but no longer.

But what drew me to this world was it's curious moons. It's actually pretty rare for an Earth-sized planet to have two big moons. Even more so when one of these moons is pitch black as space itself.

Yes, it was this black moon that caused me to explore the Planet Tel Tekka further. And the closer I got to the planet, the more signs of life I saw.

Colour me surprised. Tel Tekka was a bountiful and thriving world. They didn't have what most places call technology, but they had fantastical creatures and magic.

The more I learned of the world, the more interested I became, and I just knew I had to catalogue all I could about this world.

For the most part, Tel Tekka is a human populated planet. Relying on swords and castles. But other races do exist. Such as the Insect Race of the Hives, or the Goblins of the Great Hearth.

But among these races were almighty Dragons. A common enough race, but still rare in retrospect. Not only were these dragons powerful and smart, they wielded the very elements of the planet itself.

Time had not been kind to the race as a whole. When a great Cataclysm called the Shadow Fall occurred, most of the dragons were wiped out, and the eight that remained, sacrificed themselves to save the world. So strong was their conviction.

But in doing so, through their sacrifice, their blood and power was reborn into eight humans tribes. Humans that could awaken to the power of dragons, transform into them, and wield the elements just as they could.

These Dragon Tribes took it upon themselves to follow in the greatness that was their predecessors and worked together to protect the world from a great many threats.

A grand epic of Tel Tekka's History.

So for today, I'll leave the story there. But I have a lot more to tell. Come back tomorrow, and I'll tell you about our main hero of the current generation.

Frey Havarth, of the Spirit Dragon Tribe.

This has been Tava Yachi. Best wishes to the people of Earth.

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