The Fledgling Witch

Hello People of Earth Today I shall discuss another person from the Ydin Holder's life. A young woman born on a world of magic, Estelle is a witch in training. What does that mean? Well, on her world, the world of Henteth, fully capable witches are recognized by a ruling country for their spell power or potion skills. This recognition allows a [...] Read more

Introducing the Ydin Holder

Hello People of Earth Today we are glad to present you with the demo of our new project. Ydin Holder. Ydin Holder is a Dating Sim Visual Novel Hybrid. The world of Ydin Holder takes place on a Earth much like your Earth. With more or less all the same conveniences that entails. Phones, cars, electricity. Things and objects you're very familiar [...] Read more

Serio Villa and Gall Silverton, Tel Tekka Lore 005

The world of Tel Tekka isn't a modern world like that of your current Earth. It's much more medieval. Governments here are usually monarchies. Take the Ice Dragon Tribe for example. While not a queen in name, Elder Yulai serves that purpose. They even call their young, Princess and Prince. For in this world the Dragon Tribes are more important [...] Read more

Emperors, Draco, and Akiko, Tel Tekka Lore 004

Hello People of Earth, Tava Yachi here. We're nearing the halfway point in the campaign. At this point, sharing our updates is the best help we can get going forward. Every little bit helps. Onto my topic for today. When the dragons and ancient heroes sacrificed themselves, each dragon held sway over an element. They alone could harness all that [...] Read more

Elder Rov and Elder Yulai, Tel Tekka Lore 003

Hello People of Earth, Tava Yachi here. In spite of all my attempts and research, some truths behind Elder Rov remained unknown to me. To this day I am still unsure if Rov was his first or last name, yet despite this I can say that he was someone to be pitied. Seventy years ago, he was one of the strongest leaders in the Dragon Tribe Council of [...] Read more

Frey, Katrine, and Camila, Tel Tekka Lore 002

Hello People of Earth, Tava Yachi here. In my research of Tel Tekka, the first person I actually met myself was Frey Havarth. I even interviewed him in preparation for this KickStarter. Frey is a very curious man. On the surface, he can act quite lazy and uncaring, while being careful and joking, but as soon as there are any stakes, he turns into [...] Read more

Tava Yachi Introduction, Tel Tekka Lore 001

Hello People of Earth. Tava Yachi here. You want to know more about me? Well. I guess I can share a few details with you. Satisfied? Maybe? Well, a person does need their secrets. But my job as a Historian isn't. And I'm not the only one. There's actually quite a few like me. Scanning the multiverses, and pocket dimensions. It's enjoyable work if [...] Read more

Introduction and Dragon Tribe

Hello People of Earth. Tava Yachi here. Traveling across space, time and dimensions can be a tough and daunting task. But out there in the vastness, are a great many wonderful and interesting things. As a Historian, it's my solemn duty to seek out worlds with life and catalogue events that transpire there. It can be fun at times, and dangerous in [...] Read more