Introduction and Dragon Tribe

Hello People of Earth. Tava Yachi here.

Traveling across space, time and dimensions can be a tough and daunting task. But out there in the vastness, are a great many wonderful and interesting things.

As a Historian, it's my solemn duty to seek out worlds with life and catalogue events that transpire there. It can be fun at times, and dangerous in others. But I enjoy it.

But you may be wondering why I do it. Well, the main reason is to share my findings with my homeworld. To bring these stories and wonders to you to enjoy.

Right now, I have my eyes set on a curious place in a fantasy world. But for me to bring this story to Earth, I need your help.

Dragon Tribe the Visual Novel.

Our KickStarter

With your help, I can bring this wonderful story to Earth. So if you have any interest at all, please consider helping us out.

Best Wishes,

Tava Yachi

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