Introducing the Ydin Holder

Hello People of Earth

Today we are glad to present you with the demo of our new project. Ydin Holder.

Ydin Holder is a Dating Sim Visual Novel Hybrid.

The world of Ydin Holder takes place on a Earth much like your Earth. With more or less all the same conveniences that entails. Phones, cars, electricity. Things and objects you're very familiar with.

Ydin Holder is about if beings from others worlds that follow different fundamental rules travel to this Earth. These travellers seek one thing, The Ydin. A mysterious power that can save their worlds from destruction.

As the title says, the one that has this power is known as the Ydin Holder.

A young man, perhaps still a child by many standards. Suvi is the one born to wield this miraculous power. This story is about this boy's journey to find the right traveller to bestow the Ydin's power to.

That leaves an important question doesn't it? If we can only save one world, what about the others? Unfortunately to choose one, means to doom the other traveller's worlds. It is here that Suvi struggles the most. What he believes to be the right thing to do, what he should do, what everyone wants him to do.

Certainly a burden too big for a single person, and yet, when the time comes, it will be his burden.

I hope you'll enjoy seeing the story of this boy and those that seek him.

You can download the demo from this page: Project Page

You can also support our efforts here: SubscribeStar

This has been Tava Yachi. Best wishes to the people of Earth.

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