Frey, Katrine, and Camila, Tel Tekka Lore 002

Hello People of Earth, Tava Yachi here.

In my research of Tel Tekka, the first person I actually met myself was Frey Havarth.

I even interviewed him in preparation for this KickStarter.

Frey is a very curious man. On the surface, he can act quite lazy and uncaring, while being careful and joking, but as soon as there are any stakes, he turns into a much more respectable person. If he sees someone getting beat up, he's sure to interfere to save the person. Just the kind of guy he is.

I'm still not sure what made him that way. Upon further research of his hometown, Talasson. I found that the Spirit Dragon Tribe itself had been nearly wiped out. Elder Rov and him were the last one to wield the Spirit Dragon's Power. The others in his village were orphans or wives to people who had been in the tribe, and left widows.

It was quite a sad sight to see, but Frey's village had a certain calmness to it. Like it was its own peaceful world, and I think Rov's gentle nature helped it get that way.

But Frey had left that village in the past, and sought out something more. Perhaps that's why he ended up in Port Forebugh. When a brawl erupted in the King and Flail Pub. It was Frey that stopped the fight, by force. That fight brought ruin to the pub, and made one particular woman, very angry.

Katrine. A tough, heavy-handed, frying pan wielding Pub Owner. From what Frey told me, Katrine is a very kind woman. She absolutely adores her customers, and always helps the ones she's on better terms with.

Perhaps that's why Frey was saddled with the repair debt from the brawl. Frey who had been so lost in trying to find something, was forced to stay in that port city. She helped him find a job as a Cargo Loader, and got him trained up with the locals. Giving him room and board, as he worked to repay the debt.

Perhaps she saw him as sort of a son. Someone who needed a little guidance. In either case, with her Frey came to be rather well-liked in the port. Meeting a lot of people, and making friends.

One of which was never really amused by his public persona.

Captain Camila Nava. Captain of the Fairy Wanderer. A small cargo ship that only really needs one person to be able to sail. She had never enjoyed Frey's perceived laziness and lax attitude, but the more she heard from others, and from interacting with him herself, she came to understand that inside, he was a favourable man. A bit young and brash, but someone she could count on.

Camila never really let Frey off for his public persona though. Always taking every chance she got to bug him. Seeing what made him tick or ticked him off.

I didn't find out much about her past. Apparently an amnesiac orphan from a far away land, Camila ended up in this part of the world. She grew up idolizing pirates and their life style, but when she and her friends learned what pirates were really like, well... it changed her.

Despite losing something both inside and out. She still held a deep love for the sea. I have to give her credit. It takes a strong heart to confront a part of what tried to break you, and eventually she earned her own ship, the Fairy Wanderer.

Did you enjoy learning more about some of the people of this world? I certainly do. People can be fascinating when you learn more about what makes them tick.

And Tel Tekka certainly has it's share of people to learn about.

Next time, I'll tell you a little more about Elder Rov, and perhaps some others.

This has been Tava Yachi. Best wishes to the people of Earth.

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