Emperors, Draco, and Akiko, Tel Tekka Lore 004

Hello People of Earth, Tava Yachi here.

We're nearing the halfway point in the campaign. At this point, sharing our updates is the best help we can get going forward. Every little bit helps.

Onto my topic for today.

When the dragons and ancient heroes sacrificed themselves, each dragon held sway over an element. They alone could harness all that power.

When those powers were transferred to the Dragon Tribes, it was split unevenly among those of each tribe. More often then not, a person of the tribe could tap into the dragon's power.
Much like puberty, but more direct, they called it Awakening. A time in youth when one of the dragon tribe would be overcome with a feral sickness. Often very painful and sometimes bloody. An awakening was marked when dragon wings sprouted from the back of a tribe member.
Every tribe was different in this regard. The flame dragon tribe would have a terrible fever. The ice dragon tribe would uncontrollably freeze the surrounding area. But with the help of fellow kinsman, the awakened would be settled down, and overcome the ordeal.

After this awakening, those of the dragon tribes could tap into the element powers of dragons. Wielding them much like a magic user would wield magic. Breathing fire or throwing lighting.
They could bring forth their dragon wings at will and fly into the sky. Even changing their forms into dragons themselves. The more one practiced the better control they had, and the better they could transform and utilize the dragon's power.

Furthermore, there is always one among the tribe that can harness a hugely greater amount of the dragon's power. This single person of each tribe eventually became to be known as Emperor. While Elders were people who came to lead their tribes, Emperors were those that were the essence of that tribe.

Emperors were known as the embodiment of the dragons. Often requiring a person of the tribe to suffer a second awakening. One that placed an even greater strain on the body then the regular awakening.

But being able to overcome this trail, meant to prove oneself as the avatar of the dragon and it's element. Not only did their ability to harness and wield the dragon's elemental power increase many times, their ability to transform also improved. The dragons were large creatures, and Emperor's could imitate this, and transform into forms as great and mighty as those of the past.

One of the strongest Emperors in recent history is Draco of the Death Dragon Tribe. He was born in the ruins of Thanatos Temple City. A once great and mighty city, half carved into a mountainside. The Death Dragon Tribe had once been the largest and most powerful among all the tribes. Their rule kept a quarter of the world in check.

Yet now, Draco is the last living member of the Death Dragon Tribe. As the Death Dragon Tribe diminished, it became widely known that the Death Dragons blamed the Life Dragon Tribe for their fall. This rift between the two most influential powers on the continent drove a massive rift in ideology between the people.

And so two groups formed. The Union, which sided with the Life Dragon Tribe, and the Legion, who sided with the Death Dragon Tribe. Made up mostly of barbarian tribes and people the Union had cast out. So war began, and continued for centuries.

Shortly after his birth, some Legion attendants took him in to raise him, while his mother led the Legion in war. Draco's grandmother had led the Legion for decades, teaching his mother everything from battle, politics, and commanding. She entrusted him with the plan to get revenge on the Life Dragon Tribe.

By the time Draco was in his twenties, his mother had passed, and the Legion looked to him to lead, and he did. Under his command the Legion pressured the Union more then any before him ever had. All out war had begun.

Draco was the last Death Dragon, and perhaps to reflect this, his power as an Emperor was unmatched among those in history to have held the same power. Both commanding and battling on the front lines, earned him more respect with the human tribes that followed him.

He made it clear, with no room for error, that he intended to decimate the Life Dragon Tribe, no matter the cost. If the Power Dragon Tribe hadn't sided with the Union in the war, Draco might have been able to accomplish this task within two years, but since that was not the case, the war dragged ever longer.

Even now, Draco leads the Legion, and is the single most feared man among those of the Legion, and perhaps the world over. Perhaps that's why Frey's vision showed him claiming he'd summon the Otherworldly Being, to accomplish the task that he's had so much trouble with.
But an Emperor's power isn't the be all end all, of strength on this world.

Another such power is magic. Akiko Namie, is claimed by Frey to be the strongest mage in history.
Akiko doesn't remember much about her childhood, but claims that she and her parents traveled the world. As vagrants going from city to city, people to people. Akiko's parents made sure Akiko was always learning. They taught her how to use magic, as well as language and writing.

Perhaps that's why Akiko's memories are so hazy. Lost to confusion of continuous study from such a young age. Her parents never even explained to her how one can lose the ability to use magic. Which in this world's case happens to be sex.

Blissfully ignorant but smart and well-studied, Akiko seems to be a proper pampered child. A year before she met Frey and Camila, Akiko was with her parents in a town on the south of the continent. Akiko woke up, and her parents were gone.

I can't be sure how a child deals with being left alone so suddenly, but for Akiko, this wasn't really a problem. Years of traveling with her parents had given her enough experience on how to survive by doing what her parents had always done. She was incredibly well adjusted to surviving and solving problems not just with her intellect but her magic as well.

Frey's first meeting with her is proof at just how unique and skillful her problem solving can be. So perhaps with an ally like her, Frey would stand a chance to stop Draco. It's certainly not out of the question.

So I'll wrap up here for today. Draco, Akiko, Emperors and Magic. Quite a lot to talk about.

Next time, I'll discuss a more...painful topic, but one that must be mentioned for it's importance.

This has been Tava Yachi. Best wishes to the people of Earth.

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