The Fledgling Witch

Hello People of Earth

Today I shall discuss another person from the Ydin Holder's life.

A young woman born on a world of magic, Estelle is a witch in training. What does that mean?

Well, on her world, the world of Henteth, fully capable witches are recognized by a ruling country for their spell power or potion skills. This recognition allows a witch to freely ply her trade within the country.

That's not to say that's the only method of a witch has to become recognized. The views of those in the same field can also be just as important. If one's witches client moves to a new area, they could recommend you for your services instead.

So if recognition is all you need, then what is this training period for a witch? Well simply. It's just until the witch in question has enough knowledge and experience as to offer valuable services recognized by others.

Our magical staff wielder Estelle Azula is such a person. She was chosen along with others to contact the Ydin Holder, and thus how she became involved in the fight for him.

As the first love interest we've highlighted, we hope that you come to enjoy Estelle's story as much as we do.

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This has been Tava Yachi. Best wishes to the people of Earth.

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